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Using Meta Keywords And Descriptions In Your Blog Posts

Posted by on in Weekly Banter
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The majority of the blog creating process on Weekly Banter is so easy and intuitive that it really doesn't require much explanation if any.  However, Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions are not something that everyone is used to dealing with.  They are however, very important for SEO purposes and promoting blogs.  So in this blog we are going to discuss what Meta Keywords are and how to pick the best words and phrases.  We will briefly discuss writing a good Meta Description as well. 

Meta Keywords (and Phrases) correlate with what people type into search engines to find web pages with content that they are looking for.  Search engines use Web Crawlers, commonly referred to as robots or spiders.  These Web Crawlers are programs designed to scour the web in search of new content to index in their huge search engine databases.  One of the things that web crawlers use to determine what the content of the website or web page is and where to properly index it is Meta Keywords. 

Some people say that search engines don't use Meta Keywords.  That is true in the case of Google and Bing, but there are plenty of others out there that do still use Meta Keywords.  More importantly, even though Google and Bing don't use Keywords in ranking, they are still viewed to check the validity of a page and it's content.  Keywords are one indicator that search engines will use to determine if the website and it's content are legitimate or just spam. The most important thing to keep in mind when writing a blog for maximum exposure is to make sure that your blog title, content, Meta Description and Meta Keywords all correlate with each other. 

Armed with the knowledge of Keywords and understanding their potential power, it's easy to want to put a bunch of words and phrases that are popular but have nothing to do with the content of your site.  Using misleading words and phrases Is a bad practice used by spammers and other unethical people and it's why the big search engines don't use them for page ranking anymore.  Moreover, if you use misleading Keywords or Keyword stuffing, you risk the very real possibility that search engines will black list you forever.  So have integrity when choosing your Keywords and only choose those that most closely match the content of your blog.

There are good and bad uses of Meta Keywords, but we are going to focus on the keyword best practices.  I would say that the best way to start a blog is to choose a title.  This title is considered a Meta Tag by search engines and should be carefully considered.  Think about your topic and then think about the various ways that people might search for that topic in a search engine.  Your title should be short and sound like something people would search for. 

Pick several options for your blog title and run them through a Keyword Checker.  My favorite meta keyword search site is Google Adwords.  You can use Google Adwords like a meta keyword generator and it's definitely a good tool to have in your arsenal.  I want to break for a moment and have you watch this great video by Vertical Measures on how to research and choose the best Keywords for your blog post. 

Now that you know how to choose the best Meta Keywords, and you have saved a short list of the best options, you can start writing your blog.  The most important thing you can do is incorporate some of your Keywords and phrases into the body of your blog.  This makes it very easy for Web Crawlers to see the consistency of your blog title and content with your chosen Keywords.  Keep in mind, this is my preferred order of operations for writing a blog.  You can of course write your blog first and go back in later to modify your content to make it consistent with your Keywords.  I choose to start with Keywords because I find that my writing flows better when I consider my Keywords from the beginning. 

Here is an example of a Keyword list from one of my previous blog posts.  This example is from the blog How To Use Your Blog As A Tool For Marketing


Let's critique the chosen Meta Keywords in relation to the rest of the blog and see if there are any mistakes or if it could be done better.  I never claimed to be a pro blogger but like you I'm learning something new everyday.  The first thing you might see is that there is a lot of similar wording in the phrases.  This is not necessarily a good thing.  It can be viewed as Keyword Stuffing by some search engines.  Also notice the length or amount of Keywords.  This is about as many as you want.  In fact, I could even remove a couple. 

Now let's look at how The Keywords are reflected in the title "How To Use Your Blog As A Tool For Marketing."  We can see that the word Marketing comes up quite a bit in the Keywords list.  The words "Blog" and "Tool" however, are only mentioned once in the Keywords.  This is fine but the rest of the title is not consistent with the chosen Keywords at all.  So let's think of another possible title that would be more consistent with the Keywords.  Perhaps something like "Blogging As A Tool For Small Business Marketing" or "Blogging As Online Marketing Tool For Small Businesses" might be a better choice for the title. 

Now that you understand the proper relationship between the Keywords and blog title, I'm going to let you critique the blog content in How To Use Your Blog As A Tool For Marketing and determine for yourself if it was well written or could be rewritten for better consistency with the chosen Meta Keywords. 

Last but not least, let's discuss the Meta Description.  This is more widely used by search engines and is therefore probably even more important to consider when writing it.  The Meta Description is most commonly used by search engines to not only index your blog properly but it's usually used by search engines for that little snippet of text that shows up in search results.  So you want to make sure you write a really good description is 160 characters or less that sums up exactly what your blog is about.  This is so important and it requires a lot of attention and tweaking to get it just right.  The upside is that it is usually the last thing you write since it is a summation of your blog post and that makes the writing process easier. 

So look back at the Meta Description and determine if it is well written or not.  I think it is pretty good.  It mentions several important things.  First if all, it identifies the page as a blog by Weekly Banter.  This is very important since it give the content form (a blog) and the business name "Weekly Banter" (For marketing purposes).  Second, it uses many words that are consistent with the Meta Keywords.  The Meta Description also contains two very important words, "Proper" and "Free".  Used in this fashion, the word "Proper" shows a high level of confidence in the accuracy and usefulness of the information presented.  The word Free is important since Weekly Banter is a free blogging platform and people love free stuff.  Lastly, it was all done in 123 characters.  This is excellent since some search engines are now down to 120 characters in their search result snippets. 

I hope that this was very informative for you.  This will not only work for your http://weeklybanter.com/ blog but these tips and techniques can also be use on your websites and blogs in other platforms.  So please help yourself to this knowledge and pass it along.  I wish you the best of luck with your personal and business aspirations and if you have any questions, comments or concerns about this topic, please feel free to leave them in the comment sections of this post and I will be happy to further the conversation. 

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